Saving the Environment

Schazoo Zaka Pvt. Ltd. Is a health care product manufacturing that strives to assure the maximum protection of its personnel, immediate surroundings and the environment.

To achieve this goal, the organization has built an environment friendly facility and adopted environment friendly procedures & activities according to regulatory standards ensuring compliance to this policy Schazoo Zaka has been complying to Iso 14001 (Environment Standard) successfully for over a decade now & strives to raise environmental objectives on an ongoing basis.

Schazoo Zaka also believes in giving back to the environment. We have planted over 400 trees within the factory premises and neighboring areas and promote tree plantation in the surrounding community as well. In the past, Schazoo Zaka has sponsored the plantation of countless trees in over six villages surrounding Kalalwala.

Schazoo Zaka is currently focusing on controlled solid & liquid waste management & recycling of natural resources. Our staff is trained to segregate all generated waste at departmental level in order to avoid mixing of waste products at the time of final disposal.

Energy efficient solutions & alternatives are constantly being introduced into the system in order to preserve the environment. Schazoo Zaka is on a mission to spread environmental awareness via targeted awareness programs in the community & its social media presence.