The Almas Zaka Foundation was born somewhere in the 80s after the passing of Mian Zaka Ur Rehman, a renowned businessman & philanthropist of Pakistan. After his death, his wife Almas Zaka dedicated her life to running a few free dispensaries in his name & also started her Hajj/Umra group service. This group is a nonprofit organization that facilitates Hajis during their holy pilgrimage and has served countless number of Hajis in the last many years. In 2006/2007 Begum Almas (Nani) started building a primary school in a village called Kalalwala (where she owned some land) The school started within a year and we took in about 100 children from classes nursery to five. As time went on we learnt a lot and tried our best to establish a good educational environment for them to study, learn & grow. We are now up to grade 9. Our first batch of Matric will be appearing this coming March. A lot of people want to contribute to these children but we were not able to incorporate these activities until now as our main focus was to educate them and change their villager mind sets. It took us quite a few years to achieve that and the struggle continues.Schazoo Zaka is proud to be a part of the running & administration of this group, school and now hospital that facilitates religious pilgrimage, health & education.

Volunteer Program

Saturday 22nd October was a super fun filled day for our students at Almas Zaka Foundation. Not only was it the day of their last exam but Volunteers from Kohat Cement Company Limited and other organizations like Nawaiwaqt group and more visited the school and held great health & fitness classes for the beautiful children. The children learned about health, fitness, sports & the spirit of teamwork. It was a beautiful October day with fun and frolic in the air. A BIG Thank you to all Volunteers who gave us their time and energy

Book Donations spreading Smiles

Schazoo Zaka-officialpage donated us some cupboards last year. They were standing useless in our storage until Zahra Usman, Fatima Shariq, Fatima Shehzad & Fareeha Asim donated us their children’s books. We set up a small library for the kids. Now as the children have gotten more fond of reading we with the help of Raza Jawa and Ayesha Nasir are taking it up a notch. To find out what we are up to. Wait for the next post.

Thank you all for being our support system

Reusing old things to make New Library

And here we have it. Our all new activity room. This room will inshaAllah become home to Ayesha Nasir s first ever ismalic library for kids. We are slowly trying to add artwork to the walls and all. Lets see how it looks once its all done

Ideas and donations of books and learning toys are welcome.

Medical Camp & Funfair

A few months back, The Rotary Club of Lahore Garden’s organized a carnival and free medical camp at our school. Mian Ahmed Shuja & his friends at the Club brought in a team of doctors to give our children a free eye checkup. Due to lack of proper hygiene and poor living conditions in the villages,many children suffer from common eye infections that cause a loss of eye sight when untreated. We are extremely thankful to the entire team of the TRC for this kindness and our children had a mighty great time at the Carnival too.
Most of these kids didnt know what a Jumping castle was until that day. Once they realized what it was, they couldn’t stop laughing.