Our focus on quality makes us special. Quality, Environment & Laboratory Management systems are in place at Schazoo Zaka to enhance the productivity level of the organization & maintain the high standards of quality manufacturing & testing. The organization is designed in a way to preserve its purpose & strategic direction in all political, socio-economical or physical shifts that may arise in the country’s environment. Schazoo Zaka has the widest range of anti-TB products including paediatric and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 17025 Certified

ISO 14001 Certified


Strict Controls

Quality Control & Assurance is the backbone of our organization. Our Laboratory is ISO 17025 certified and our team comprises of Chemists and Pharmacists specializing in the Quality Control & Assurance area.

Extensive R&D

SZL’s R&D team consists of energetic and enthusiastic professionals who are focused on developing high quality products. The R&D team has a very close liaison with the Marketing team and together, they identify the market needs and accordingly develop new products.

Skilled Staff

Our hiring process ensures that we induct the right team members and our career growth plan ensures that we highly skilled and motivated staff members. Through technical and non-technical (soft skills) trainings, we ensure that our team concretely contributes to the success of the organization.

Proactive Marketing

Marketing is one of the major strengths at SZL. With a highly skilled Brand Management Team, nationwide distribution network and a highly trained and equipped Salesforce, SZL continues to grow its sales and continues meeting the customer needs.

Who We Are?

First established in 1951 as Schazoo Laboratories (by our founders Mian Zaka ur Rehman & Mian Shuja ur Rehman.), Schazoo Zaka  is a pharmaceutical company that designs, develops and manufactures pharmaceutical & healthcare products according to international & regulatory standards. Our Top Management consists of highly qualified, well experienced & trained individuals who are determined to make a difference in the health care industry of Pakistan.

What We Do?

We manufacture healthcare products following the cGMP guidelines at all stages of manufacturing from procurement of raw materials  to dispatch of finished products to the market.  All this is done by ensuring the smooth running of a purpose built facility which is run by a team of appropriately trained personnel & an elaborate documentation system.

What We Offer?

We offer a wide variety of healthcare products that include over ten therapeutic classes. All activities related to design, development, manufacturing & testing of pharmaceutical products which specifically include Tablets, Capsules, Sachets & Dry Suspensions are in-house,  giving us full control over the quality of our products.